Welcome to Kings Royal Production

Founder by: Mr. Royal Waraich

         The Music Can Change the World

Kings Royal Production is an independent music company serving the media industry worldwide. In addition to our extensive music libraries we can create bespoke music to fit any professional production. Kings Royal Production is a dynamic and continuously growing group of companies creating a buoyant in Punjabi Music climate. The group is focused on generating quality music & films prosperity for the up growing talent , while growing harmoniously with the community and environment. What's more, the company is one of the Punjab's largest producers and one of the largest audio – video content making producers in Punjab.

Music production is our primary focus. If you are a vocalist, musician, band, or anyone looking to get music produced or even just recorded, look no further. Strong business ethics, excellence in business, productive work environment, continuous improvement through sound corporate governance and dynamic employee engagement have been at the foundation of the continuous success of the group.

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